Online sale of Pop Art paintings

Close to sculpture, Charley transforms the body in an explosion of colors where the masculine and the feminine are sublimated by the intervention of motifs drawn from pop art or classical culture, given to the tones of today.


Each artist has his source of inspiration in order to give birth to what is in his imagination. As for Charly N'doumbe, graduating from the Beaux-Arts in Biarritz, he draws it from a concrete conception while remaining in the realm of the imagination. To bring out his fantasies and his ideas, he based himself on two criteria: the human body as paper, and the culturepop-artas ink. His style is both extravagant and fictional. He shows virile or sensual features to which he adds an aspect of the world of superheroes to lighten the sometimes daring forms. This merger highlights his talent even more and has made him successful. Whether you're into pop culture or just fine art,

you will be absolutely satisfied.


Do not hesitate to make an appointment to visit his Pop Art gallery in Biarritz.