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Charly N'doumbe positions himself as a contemporary artist who adds colour and above all identity to a medium that is already subject to fantasy. Thus, your eyes will be dazzled by the sometimes rather extravagant shapes that emerge from his muse. Every detail, whether it be a bust, muscles, a face, or even a skull, is there to show that everything can be even more beautiful. Nothing is set in stone and the colours also express a thousand words. By adding bright colours to a well-endowed body, he sets his tone: that of bringing out virility and sexuality in a popular way, as in comics. The skulls intrigue by their curiously alive aspect. It is as if the artist had breathed new life into a body part that had already disappeared. The drawings he puts on them have the effect of graffiti. In the absence of a wall, Charly N'doumbe expresses his art on a piece of skull as if to engrave his ideas directly into the depths of our being.